Mato is a new philosophy to approach design and space liveability.
It is found on the idea of recovery crafts and traditional processes in order to create objects and furniture with lofty materials and elegant trim.
Mato is a collection of unique pieces and limited edition assortment.
The furniture, all handmade, have a poetry and a soul that remind to classic and elegant shapes.
Created for meditation, made to allow people to give time to themselves, to play, to relax, read or simply have a cup of tea.
Every project is meant to create an interaction and activate all the senses.
For this reason, many elements have technologic and interactive components, from the sound furniture to the touch table on which a chess board appears magically.
We try to use technology but hiding it as much as possible, this is the idea we try to spread with every element.
The new technology allows us to explore spaces and functions that are in contrast with the classic and traditional style required by the shapes.

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